Sex Tips: For The Ladies

It is every woman’s fantasy to make love like a sex goddess. Whether you plan on having a threesome, makeup sex, that crazy quickie or get the best orgasms, these tips will make your man keep coming for more.

• Be Confident

Confidence is the most important thing a woman can possess, both in the bedroom and out of it. This is not the moment to worry about how your body looks, for example, the stretch marks on your body or the sagged boobs. A confident woman is sure to give her man the best sex of his life.

• Talk Dirty

For some women, sex is all in the mind. When women talk dirty while having sex, they encourage their men to talk dirty too. This is assuming of course, that you enjoy dirty talk; not every woman does so take it slow at first.

• Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Be a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. Get the gags and the toys out. Do not shy away from experimenting with your man. Do not wait for him to initiate sex, take control, and ride his brains out.

• Role Play

Sometimes sex is boring, and you have to come up with ways of bringing back the spark in the bedroom. This involves playing roles for example nurse and patient or teacher and student games. Role playing helps both partners try out their fantasies.

• Communication

Learn to communicate with your man, let him tell you what he likes, for example, he might not want his dick stroked roughly. Ensure your needs are also taken care of, tell him how to touch you and when to exert pressure. Communication is key to having the best sex.

• Oral Sex

Men love blowjobs, so learn to give your man a mind-blowing one. Do not use your teeth since they can quickly ruin the moment. Instead use a lot of saliva and lick his penis tip while making small circles around it. Lastly, make eye contact with him as you give him pleasure, this will help you read his expression.

• Wear Sexy Lingerie

Men are visual creatures, unlike women they get turned on by what they see. Buy sexy lingerie to seduce and tease his mind. You can also give him an erotic lap dance while making sure he does not touch you; this will help build anticipation.

• Set the Mood

Setting the mood involves sending him naughty texts during the day telling him what’s waiting for him at home. For example, you can smear your nipples with chocolate then send him a pic saying I can’t wait for you to taste these sugar tits.

• Touch Yourself

It is erotic letting your man watch as you give pleasure to yoursel

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