The Mystery of Love We are so scientific about everything these days that we often forget about our feelings and emotions.

Feeling passionate is vital for good sex, and of course it stimulates hormonal production which in turn make us want to have sex. But like I realized when I stood in front of the Epping escorts, are we making things too scientific. Sex used to be connected to sensuality but we now seem to be moving away from that. We often just see sex just as sex, and the sensual side of our lives seem to be disappearing more and more. It is very said in many ways, but even making babies has become very scientific. We seem to rush to the IVF clinic almost straight away, and I do wonder if our problems with conceiving have to do with our loss of sensuality. Let’s be honest, great love making can lead to babies. Epping escorts of do know a little bit about the science and biological facts behind sex, but is it really all that important. The truth is that I agree with Epping escorts – I also doubt if knowing scientific facts behind love and sex will make us better lovers. However, it might make is on occasion more understanding lovers. We ho though so many changes in our lives. Some of the changes come from the outside but many of the changes come from the inside. I found myself the other day trying to explain the many physical and chemistry changes which happen in the body during sex and leading up to sex, says Dr Annie Bliss. I was speaking to a group of Epping escorts who were interested in the science of sex. As always, I went through all of the hormones and what happens in our brains. Whilst it was interesting it lead me to wonder if we are not trying to take the mystery out of everything these days. Modern Science One of the Epping escorts said that love is seldom about fact, so the question is – is sex about scientific fact? I think that was a very smart question, and I bet there are many Epping escorts that feel the same way. Modern science seem to have gone into overdrive and everything has to be explained by science. But should we be taking science into our bedrooms with us? How would you feel if your husband said to you “Let’s go into the bedroom and see if we can get those hormonal levels up?” I tell you what – that just wouldn’t work for me and I am sure it isn’t just Epping escorts who feel the same way. We would probably all feel like that if our partners said to that to us. Many of the Epping escorts said that a lot of their dates did not seem to be in touch with their feelings and emotions, and this is probably perfectly true. Many men who date Epping escorts seem to be a bit lonely, and not very happy. Perhaps that says a lot about our scientific methods.

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